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For Pete’s sake, this style is a winner. You’ve seen this clever combination of metal and acetate in the style Fer Cute, but we wanted to offer a new square shape with impeccable unisex appeal. There is so much going for this style. Notice the masterful workmanship as the raised line of color around the eye rim guides the geometry with a commanding precision. That extra pop of color is the extra treat of whimsy and playfulness that we have come to expect in the OGI collection.


Name Origin: Minnesota

Many believe Pete to be St Peter, though no one knows for sure. Originally used in 1903 as a substitute for stronger wording, Minnesotans usually add their typical "oh" and glorious accent to this phrase when frustrated or exasperated.

For Petes Sake

  • Virtual Try-On


    • OBE Injection Safety Screws
    • Custom acetate lamination


    • Stainless steel
    • Premium acetate


    • A 53 | B 39 | ED 54 | DBL 17 | TMPL 142

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