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If you want to pep up your step, the Gopher digs right in and unearths a new look that will catch their eye day after day. They say you wear your personality on your sleeve and this is the biggest compliment. You want a pair of glasses that lives up to that idiom and frames the world as you see it—Bold, artistic, approachable, and fun. The rich colors with flat cut acetate profiles and less beveling, imparts a new energy to this unisex shape and the colors seal the deal as they go bold up front and have a crystal layer in back for a lighter more compelling look.


Name Origin: Minnesota

Minnesota was once known as "The Gopher State" which seems to have originated in 1858 from a political cartoon. As a midwestern prairie state, gophers and ground squirrels are abundant across the land, making it a fitting nickname. The University of Minnesota soon took the name Gophers as their team and yearbook name, which evolved into the Golden Gophers we know today.