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The magic of crossing back and forth through the Holland Tunnel is an experience of two cities connecting as you see the light at the end of the tunnel on either side. We named this style the Holland Tunnel because it represents that same feeling of discovery and amazement when you see things in a way you’ve never seen them before in a new light. The rectangular eye shape and the comfortable roomy fit make reading a true pleasure. The added benefit of blue light filtering in the lenses ensures maximum comfort and clarity. The German spring hinge ensure top quality comfort and longevity as you put your frames on and off constantly throughout the day

Holland Tunnel

Color: 2614 - Crystal
  • Virtual Try-On


    • OBE Flex Uno Spring hinge

    • BluLite aspheric lenses


    • Premium handmade acetate


    • A 56 | B 37 | ED 60 | DBL 20 | TMPL 150

    Powers Available

    • Plano
    • +1.00
    • +1.25
    • +1.50
    • +1.75
    • +2.00
    • +2.25
    • +2.50
    • +3.00
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