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Cascading with dual colors and a curve-in-ice look, the inventive material treatment affirms our commitment to experimentation and fresh product ideas. The technique of precisely laminating two acetates in just the right position to highlight the cutaway layers, exhibits a masterful touch and a novel approach to beveling.


Name Origin: Minnesota

Known as the State of Hockey, there is no shortage of ice rinks in Minnesota. One of the first indoor rinks in the state was built in Hallock, MN in 1894 with the first game played there in 1895. The state currently has over 230 indoor rinks alone, with most public parks offering at least one outdoor rink. That doesn’t include the over 15,000 lakes and ponds that freeze each winter where multiple rinks can show up. The backyards of individual Minnesotans also become rinks, either with a pond or the right tools and materials, as many fans of the game will construct their own rinks as soon as the temperatures are right.

Ice Rink

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    • Saddle bridge
    • 5 Barrel hinge
    • Square shape
    • OBE Injection Safety Screws


    • Premium acetate


    • A 53 | B 40 | ED 56 | DBL 22 | TMPL 145

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