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The rich handmade tortoise acetate is articulated by a line of bright, fun color around the eye rim, adding an extra layer of pop. This winning shape is transformed to the next level by its innovative colors.


Name Origin: Minnesota

The word “spendy” is an old American word that originally meant “spendthrift, or extravagant” but by 1911 the meaning shifted to the current meaning, which refers to an object for sale being more expensive than one thought it would be. Minnesotans, being masters of passive aggression and avoiding conflict, add the qualifier to the beginning in a feeble attempt at not offending anyone. Generally, this expression comes with a pained face, and some kind of noise noting shock or distaste.

Kinda Spendy

  • Virtual Try-On


    • Saddle bridge
    • 3 Barrel hinge
    • Cat Eye shape
    • OBE Injection Safety Screws


    • Premium acetate


    • A 53 | B 37 | ED 54 | DBL 16 | TMPL 142

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