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As distinctive and elegant as the beloved state bird of Minnesota, our Loon frame is a stunning combination of thin metals and standout acetate, seamless paired to form a beautiful whole. The hand painted surface accents and patterned brow combine to form palettes that remind us of lakeside sunset, the water rippling under a rainstorm, a bird’s coat as it flies by. Loon will make an outdoorsman of you, yet.


Name Origin: Minnesota

The Minnesota state bird, roughly 12,000 of this sleek water foul call central and northeastern Minnesota lakes home. Unlike other birds, they have solid bones to help them dive up to 200 ft for food under the waves. With beautiful black and white plumage, and gorgeous red eyes, their wonderful song is a familiar comfort every summer.


  • Virtual Try-On


    • Cat Eye shape
    • Adjustable Nose Pads
    • 3 Barrel hinge
    • OBE Injection Safety Screw


    • Stainless Steel


    • A 53 | B 38 | ED 54 | DBL 17 | TMPL 145

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