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It’s that time of year, citronella candles, long sleeves when you’re sweating like a dog and you’re charmed by the musical buzz of swatting the mosquitos in your ear. You wouldn’t trade summer fun for anything. The best part of it all is you’re in a place where you want to look good and nothing fits the bill better than Mosquito summer. Notice the precision of a tortoise laminated in fine detail around the eye rim, imparting a certain graphic animation to the front acetate color. The eye shape punctuates things with an easy to wear square scaled up a bit, to reflect the oversized trend.


Name Origin: Minnesota

Mosquitoes lay their eggs on water, and Minnesota has more where that came from. While other midwestern states will claim the Mosquito as their state bird, only in Minnesota do they actually grow to the size of small birds (think Hummingbirds). Heading outside in the summer without protection is not recommended from March to November, especially Up North.

Mosquito Summer

  • Virtual Try-On


    • Barrel Hinge
    • OBE ISS locking screws


    • Premium handmade acetate


    • A 53 | B 42 | ED 54 | DBL 18 | TMPL 145

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