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We had such success with our fun style, the Kitty Corner, that many of you pushed us to create an all acetate frame in this shape. There you have it, the Need a Push, was born as the adventurous sibling. We amped up the color palette and continue to celebrate the brow with a line of contrasting color. The thin profile front and temples are key design trend this season in eyewear.


Name Origin: Minnesota

If you find your vehicle stuck on a snow, or worse yet, ice bank, you might hear this phrase shouted at you by a complete stranger. As most if not all Minnesotans have experienced this, most likely several times, they are always willing to help.

Need a Push

  • Virtual Try-On


    • OBE ISS Locking Screw
    • Keyhole bridge


    • Premium acetate


    • A 54 | B 39 | ED 55 | DBL 15 | TMPL 140

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