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We loved the eye shape and style direction of the OH Geez so much, we create an acetate companion piece, the Oh Hey There. Go ahead, crush on yourself in the mirror when you try this on. This shape is so fun. The matte finishes in the front, give an extra measure of originality and pair nicely with the hand-made acetate temples in vibrant combinations of color.


Name Origin: Minnesota

A friendly greeting, sometimes used when surprised, this is a phrase that no Minnesotan can say without slipping into the infamous accent.

Oh Hey There

  • Virtual Try-On


    • OBE Injection Safety Screws
    • Square eye shape


    • Premium acetate
    • Oh Hey There/ Matte Purple Rain style's front is made of eco-friendly material: 
      Eco material is a new kind of cellulose acetate using an eco-friendlier plasticizer deriving from natural sources, which can reduce pollution during its whole life cycle. Material is plant based, safe and sustainable. The percentage of components from cotton and wood are increased in the eco materials and the content of phthalate is greatly reduced compared to standard materials.


    • A 51 | B 39 | ED 52 | DBL 18 | TMPL 145

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