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There’s nothing basic about this elegant design that stands out by virtue of it’s clean, modern lines. The best part is the frame radiates personality without being in your face. Just the right pop of color on the temple says you like to stand out in a crowd, but not too much.


Name Origin: Minnesota

Uff Da - This is an exclamation only found here in MN. This might replace an "oh my..." or "Oof" - usually indicates surprise, but it's usually dismay or bafflement - "Your cat did what to your plants?? Uff Da!"

Uff Da

Color: 1154 - HAVANA STEEL
  • Virtual try-on


    • OBE Injection Safety Screws
    • Square Shape


    • Mazzucchelli acetate


    • A 47 | B 40 | ED 48 | DBL 20 | TMPL 145
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