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THE ogi eyewear 2021 collection

The OGI Eyewear 2021 Collection includes four of our unique brands, OGI, Seraphin, Bon Vivant and Red Rose. The new releases featured in these collections are  incredibly diverse and embody the inclusive, fashion-forward direction that OGI Eyewear continues  to uphold. Each frame  has its own personality which is an excellent  way to express your individuality when you pair your style with the perfect frame.  Expanding the range of sizes and shapes this season, makes it even easier to connect with our collection and find the right fit.

OGI Eyewear's relaunch has been masterfully curated by amplifying OGI Eyewear's DNA and history, seeking to ignite  enthusiasm while  moving the brand forward, not only in the optical industry but also in the fashion industry as a whole.

The reimagined brand of OGI pulls from its colorful vocabulary and plays into the feelings of independence, boldness and optimism. Individuals who identify as fashion-nomads, who are always on the move to discover new designs first,  will be drawn to this brand’s experimental, expressive  spirit.

A neoclassical, vintage inspired  line with a modern twist, Seraphin embraces an Old Hollywood vibe, with a flair for turn-of-the-century, hand-made  craftsmanship.   People who identify with a touch of a  retro, vintage mindset, will be  enamored by this brand and fascinated by the harmonious blend of new and old creating a truly timeless frame. 

Red Rose
Red Rose  has a  sleek, breathtakingly light, minimalistic architecture  and an unseen approach that awakens the soul and the spirit of unique individuality. This brand is cleverly dramatic by saying more with less distractions. Individuals who are drawn to the irony of  a sheer, minimalistic style that  stands out in the crowd, will feel themselves gravitate towards this line. 

Bon Vivant
Embracing the meaning of the word, the frames in this brand exude sociability and luxury with the European influence woven throughout the chic patterns and textures. The romance and intrigue of the European style is inspired by the gestural twist of artistry and excellence.


This Collection is grounded in the spirit of rugged individualism, idealism  and the  drive to recreate oneself through fashion and self-expression.  The designs pay homage to the irreverence and diversity of the West where OGI Eyewear’s Creative Chief Officer, David Duralde, grew up. He loves it when people question everything and break the established fashion rules.  You will
love seeing this hint of non-conformity, optimism, diversity and vibrant cultures influencing the frames, giving them so much personality.

This collection is not reactionary, nor is it restricted and certainly doesn't conform; instead, it is a spectacle revolution. Each frame's unique details, imaginative color combinations, texture quality and commanding shapes, fully capture your personality, which commands confidence and self-expression.  

Each style is harmoniously balanced and embodies the philosophy it is built on.  Whether you are dressed to the nines or in lounge clothes, the frames seek to bring out the boldness and confidence in everyday life, adding a sparkle of joy, sprinkling of creativity, and nudge of playfulness.


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