April, 2021

OGI Eyewear // Red Rose, Modern Fluidity


What's RIGHT NOW// Seraphin Eyewear - Classically Curated



Red Rose Eyewear

February and March, 2021

Seraphin // Timeless Design 



Seraphin // Premiering new Seraphin campaign in 20/20 Magazine



Seraphin Eyewear// Timeless Design. Made-in-Japan. Unisex Styling. 



NEUTRAL TERRITORY // Proof that subtlety can also turn heads



For women searching for a lightweight frame that makes a big impact - THIN METALS are the way to go! 

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OGI Eyewear // A Dreamy Adventure


January, 2021

OGI Seraphin // Crystal and Glitter 



The area around Moscow’s Red Square is filled with Christmas lights, making the area look like its covered in crystals and glitter. And local Anastasia, who runs one of Moscow’s finest optical boutiques, is adding some sparkles herself, wearing this beautiful frame from OGI’s Seraphin collection, which incorporates a playful balance of Swarovski crystals and glitter fabric inlaid in the brow corners..


Living in Color


Chief Creative Officer David Duralde finally takes center stage and reveals how he is making his mark at OGI Eyewear with a complete rebrand..


A jewellery focus for the Shimmer Capsule by SERAPHIN



OGI Eyewear presents Seraphin Shimmer, a new capsule collection embellished with Swarovski crystals. The glamour of the past meets high-fashion refinement in this line designed by David Duralde. 

December, 2020

OGI Seraphin // Embellish your Holidays!


Kayla is wearing a beautiful butterfly shape from the Seraphin collection of OGI Eyewear, which artful use of lines pairs well with hand-inlaid crystals, creating a dynamic movement across the frames. These frames are a new definition of fashion-forward design with a fresh new take on Swarovski crystals...


Seraphin Shimmer - a capsule collection embellished with crystals from Swarovski 


Shimmer and sparkle at Seraphin



The US label Seraphin Eyewear is known for its decorative designs, with stunning embellishments and sparkling jewellery accents. Today the collection is designed by Chief Creative Officer David Duralde, OGI Eyewear, and features the new Seraphin Shimmer, a capsule adorned with dazzling crystals by Swarovski...

November, 2020

OGI Eyewear // Red Rose – Modern Fluidity


On this sunny autumn day in Boise Idaho, Kayla is wearing a beautiful hexagon frame design, from the Red Rose collection of OGI Eyewear. It’s amazing to see how all these angles create a new shape that fully embodies minimalistic fashion while also creating maximum drama...


Shimmer – Seraphin Launches New Capsule Collection


Seraphin, from OGI has launched a new capsule collection of acetate frames in exciting new shapes, all incorporated with a splash of glimmer from the incorporation of Swarovski crystals. These frames showcase ...

fer cute_1140_front.jpg

OGI Eyewear – New Face Forward


Reigning from the OGI collection, the Fer Cute is a dreamy combo of Mazzucchelli acetate and stainless steel. OGI Eyewear overall has announced a transformation including the positioning of all collections...


Red Rose //

Distributed by OGI Eyewear

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OGI //

Distributed by OGI Eyewear

October, 2020
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OGI Eyewear
2021 preview of new line


OGI Eyewear announces its 2021 eyewear collections with the creative direction of David Duralde, Chief Creative Officer. In a company statement, OGI is described as having undergone a significant transformation that includes the...

fer cute_1152_front.jpg

OGI Eyewear//

a New Face Forward


OGI Eyewear launches the 2021 Eyewear Collections, with the creative direction of David Duralde, Chief Creative Officer. OGI Eyewear is undergoing a significant transformation that includes the positioning of the collections...


OGI Eyewear//

a New Digital Frontier for

Optical Professionals

September, 2020
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What's Brand NEW
OGI Eyewear


As a distinct member of The Optical Foundry, committed to Independence for Independents, OGI Eyewear stands out with its unique, innovative approach and bold colorful eyewear journey..

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Fall 2020, the brand reimagined in every way:

  • New styles

  • New digital engagement tools

  • New resources for Independent Optical Practices to succeed

  • Virtual Try-On and Augmented Reality for an immersive fit experience...



by OGI Eyewear