Shimmer – Seraphin Launches New Capsule Collection


Seraphin, from OGI has launched a new capsule collection of acetate frames in exciting new shapes, all incorporated with a splash of glimmer from the incorporation of Swarovski crystals. These frames showcase ...

November, 2020

Red Rose //

Distributed by OGI Eyewear

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OGI //

Distributed by OGI Eyewear

October, 2020
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OGI Eyewear
2021 preview of new line


OGI Eyewear announces its 2021 eyewear collections with the creative direction of David Duralde, Chief Creative Officer. In a company statement, OGI is described as having undergone a significant transformation that includes the...

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What's Brand NEW
OGI Eyewear


As a distinct member of The Optical Foundry, committed to Independence for Independents, OGI Eyewear stands out with its unique, innovative approach and bold colorful eyewear journey..

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OGI Eyewear//

a New Face Forward


OGI Eyewear launches the 2021 Eyewear Collections, with the creative direction of David Duralde, Chief Creative Officer. OGI Eyewear is undergoing a significant transformation that includes the positioning of the collections...

September, 2020
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Fall 2020, the brand reimagined in every way:

  • New styles

  • New digital engagement tools

  • New resources for Independent Optical Practices to succeed

  • Virtual Try-On and Augmented Reality for an immersive fit experience...


OGI Eyewear//

a New Digital Frontier for

Optical Professionals



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