The friendly vibe and bold colorful layers greet you with a smile. The masterful mix of colors lets you relate and makes you say “I could wear color after all.” This cleaver exploration of complementary and contrasting hues will motivate you to see color in a new light.


Name Origin: Minnesota

Handshake - Minnesotans will greet others with a handshake, which allows for proper distance to be maintained, as opposed to a hug or cheek kiss - see Minnesota Nice. Handshake is a popular brew made by local brewery Indeed Brewing. Also, if you went to any University in MN, you more than likely used this program. It is the LinkedIn for MN students and employers. 


A Size
  • Virtual try-on


    • OBE Injection Safety Screw
    • Sun clip available
    • Round shape


    • Stainless steel


    • A 47 | B 43 | ED 52 | DBL 19 | TMPL 140


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