It is not everyday you see colors so expressive and bold, but combined together with an artist’s eye without being juvenile. Our goal was to create pops of color that would make someone take a second look at wearing color. Hearing somebody say “I could wear that” when they normally only wear black means we did our job.


Name Origin: Minnesota

Hugs - This is an exclamation made with arms out wide and a head tilt similar to that of a Pug, often with a sympathetic face - this is a rare occurrence where a Minnesotan will seek to comfort with actual physical embrace - the passive aggressiveness fades away, and the true Minnesota Nice we are all capable of comes out - Person 1: "Uff Da my dog is so sick, I'm so worried" Person 2:  "Oh no! Hugs!"



A Size
  • Virtual try-on


    • OBE Injection Safety Screw
    • Round shape
    • Keyhole bridge


    • Custom laminations using Mazzucchelli acetate


    • A 46 | B 43 | ED 51 | DBL 20 | TMPL 140


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