Beautifully sparkling, bitingly keen, the frosted crystal and ice coloration ebbs and flows with a warm and fuzzy zone that presents a juxtaposition. The color articulates the varying geography and planes, bringing a new dimension to the frames and the wearer's face. Imagine the feelings of anticipation and exploration you feel before jumping into a lake in the middle of winter. These icy opticals embody those feelings of boldness and daring.


Name Origin: Minnesota

Swimsuit Winter - If the temperature from Nov 21 to March 21 goes above 32F you will see Minnesotans out in what many would consider spring or summer attire - shorts and a sweatshirt is my favorite - "Ah it's almost swimsuit weather!" (you can actually find photos of Minnesotans/Canadians outside in bathing suits surrounded by snow...most of the country thinks we are Canadian...)

Swimsuit Winter

A Size
  • Virtual try-on


    • Handmade style 
    • OBE Injection Safety screws 


    • Custom laminations with Mazzucchelli acetate


    • A 52 | B 40 | ED 53 | DBL 16 | TMPL 140


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