The hand-painted element of this style gives a little signature to the brow. The artistry in the highs and lows of the lines creates surface movement, which gives off a light, gestural feel. Cleverly named, the Up North refers to where all the action happens on these frames alongside the brow.


Name Origin: Minnesota

Up North - People from the Twin Cities or southern MN tend to refer to the area from Mille Lacs all the way up to Canada as "up North" - there are pine trees, lakes and cabins galore, and many spend summer weekends "Up North" (similar to the North Woods of WI or the UP of MI). Weekend traffic during summer will be terrible on Friday and Sunday due to "Up North" traffic from those going to/leaving from their cabins.


Up North

A Size
  • Virtual try-on


    • Upswept rectangle shape
    • Handmade style
    • OBE Injection Safety screws


    • Stainless steel


    • A 53 | B 35 | ED 54 | DBL 14 | TMPL 140


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