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Emphasizing the artistic flair that you like to express, this bold style is perfect when you want to look great every day. Festive colors of acetate and metal play together in refreshing gestures.


Name Origin: Minnesota

While the name Dinky Town is famous in Minnesota, the origin of the name is mysterious. A commercial and residential neighborhood near the University of Minnesota, Dinky Town gained this unusual moniker in newspaper articles in the 1940s. Many believe the name relates to the area’s diminutive size, while others insist it derives from the streetcars, called Dinkys that used to provide transit throughout the area. Another popular theory involves the name Grodnik carved above one of the oldest buildings, then Grays Drug and now The Loring Pasta Bar. The term “grod” means “town” and “nik” is the diminutive form which in turn means a small town. No matter where the term came from, it stuck, and the neighborhood is beloved by locals and visitors alike.

Dinky Town

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    • Round shape
    • Adjustable Nose Pads
    • 3 Barrel hinge
    • OBE injection safety screws


    • Stainless steel


    • A 43 | B 36 | ED 44 | DBL 24 | TMPL 145

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