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The OGI Eyewear Collections include seven unique brands: OGI, OGI Kids, Seraphin, Seraphin Shimmer, Red Rose by OGI, Article One and SCOJO New York. The new releases featured in these collections are incredibly diverse and embody the inclusive, fashion-forward direction that OGI Eyewear continues to uphold. Each frame has its own personality, just like the patients looking for their perfect pair of eyewear at a local independent optical practice. The full range of OGI Eyewear collections is at your fingertips with our virtual try-on app, so no one ever has to settle when it comes to their eyewear.


Through our intentional design and relationships with craftsmen across the globe, OGI Eyewear is able to offer independent optical practices a wide range of unique styles, designed with precision, constructed with quality. At OGI Eyewear, there is a frame for every face.

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