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find your store with ogi eyewear

Please enter a zip code, city or state in the SEARCH field to find your store with OGI Eyewear!

Love what you see on our website? See it in person! Since 1997, OGI Eyewear has been building strong relationships with independent optical shops across the entire United States and Canada.

To help you navigate the store locator, we wanted to let you know the different icons for the shops and the differences when shopping with them.


ICON – This business is at the top of the mountain. They receive the best rewards and incentives and have the largest OGI collections

MASTER – This business is becoming a dedicated OGI Eyewear flag bearer, the benefits improve as the store continues to improve. 

EXPERT – This business has seen success with our lines, and with this success comes more rewards!

INSIDER – This business has just started collaboration with our brands.


We hope you enjoy your new OGI Eyewear glasses wherever you are! If you have any questions or don’t find stores in your location, please reach out to the OGI Eyewear Customer Relations Team or send your request to!

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