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OGI Eyewear’s Indie4Indie series explores the indie eyecare community’s rich, colorful, and varied partnerships. Whether it was love at first sight or on second glance, every partnership formed has a unique story worth telling.

Indie4Indie: Foresight Vision Care

Welcome to Foresight Vision Care, a new optical shop in Sparks, Nevada. We were thrilled to meet Dr. Jessica Dennis at Vision Expo East, and to strike up an exciting partnership with her new practice. Foresight Vision Care is based on the belief that patients should get personalized, thorough care. 


We sat down with Jessica to talk about her brand new business, her partnership with OGI Eyewear, and her passion for eyecare and eyewear: 


Describe yourself and your independent practice— 

I’ve been in the optical industry for over twelve years, and I really love what I do – forming relationships with my patients, seeing them over the years, and providing the best care possible. I used to work as a contractor in a big box store’s optical center, but never felt able to customize care for each individual or maintain the high standards I would have liked. I believe that patients deserve the absolute best, so was excited to take the opportunity to start my own practice. I love what I do, it doesn’t feel like a job! 

Q: What does it mean to you to be part of the independent eyewear community?  

I’m so excited to branch out into this new part of the eyecare world. Lucky’s not the right word, but I missed out during the last ten years on this fun part. It is fun to be completely involved in styling the patients and really forming that long-lasting relationship. 


Q: How have you found your partnership with us has helped you as a part of the indie community? 

In optometry school there was a trunk show with OGI and the frames caught my attention. I made an appointment for VEE and re-fell in love with OGI. Danielle and Sally were so kind. I felt immediately comfortable like everyone was focused on welcoming and supporting me as a new practice. It was a good warm feeling.  I have already called a few times, and it feels like you’re talking to your friends, like OGI really wants you to succeed. 

Q: What is your favorite line / style? Why?  

I really, really love Dinky Town in Crystal Black Vertigo, and Seraphin Dundee. They’re two different takes on the round frames and fit a lot of faces. I really like Shimmer 29, I want to get a pair in every color! 

Q: How would you describe us in three words? 

Mod-ish: The styles are super hip, artful, and cool. 

Masterful: Even at VEE, I got to meet the designer, and knowing the detail in the creation of each pair of glasses, nothing is overlooked.  

Magnificent: That’s been my experience from everything so far, from first meeting up til now, there’s nothing but stellar care. 

Q: What qualities of OGI Eyewear do you think makes us a good partner? 

In addition to everything else, the online portal and virtual try-on is great. It’s  nice to know that the virtual try-on can expand my frame board. 

Q: What do you value most about your practice's partnership with OGI Eyewear? 

Every person I talk to at OGI Eyewear seems to really like their job, and be passionate about helping us succeed. It makes for a really fun experience. 


Q: Are you happy with OGI Eyewear's service to you? Is there anything we can or should be doing to strengthen our partnership?  

I’ve loved everything so far! I think it could be fun to find a way to bring us opticians and optometrists into the designs, maybe a competition to name a frame or color? 

Thank you for choosing us, Dr. Jessica Dennis and the entire Foresight Vision Care Team! We truly appreciate your support, and we wholeheartedly share your enthusiasm for our ongoing partnership. We look forward to our continued journey of learning, growth, and success together, as we strive to elevate our relationship to the next level!


If you're an independent practice interested in partnering with OGI Eyewear, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our Sales Team. They are seasoned experts in their field, offering a unique talent for providing personalized customer service. Should you have any questions or inquiries, you can reach us via email at or give us a call at 888-560-1060! Let's connect soon and explore the opportunities ahead!

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