2020. A year of change, revolution, and uncertainty. The world held a collective breath and wondered if life would ever be the same. The choice for us at OGI Eyewear was clear: this was our time to evolve.


As an independent eyewear leader in a rapidly changing industry, evolution is our business. Our optimism stems from our Minnesota roots, and we see the future as an opportunity for hope and transformation.


David Duralde, our Chief Creative Officer, used this year to launch OGI Eyewear’s 2021 Collection, a pioneering product line that emphasizes quality, innovation, and our forward-thinking mindset, and expands OGI's range of trend-setting styles to give your clients even more freedom to select their perfect frames. Our seven exclusive brands include: OGI, OGI Kids, Red Rose, Bon Vivant, SCOJO New York, Seraphin, and our new capsule collection: Seraphin Shimmer.


Designed by and geared toward eye care professionals, our 2021 Eyewear Collection puts durability first. Our frames are the cornerstone of our company, not just an afterthought in a mega-corporation’s fashion portfolio. Like you, we’re proudly independent, and we want to be a partner, not a competitor. We exist because of you.


Since OGI Eyewear partners exclusively with independent Opticians, we know the landscape well. We understand that competition is fierce, and that you’re looking to provide your clients value, selection, convenience, and superior customer service. OGI Eyewear leads the way by offering technology solutions designed to attract and retain your clients and complement their local eye care experience instead of competing with it.


Our new digital buyer’s portal makes purchasing easy, and your clients can view OGI Eyewear collections in full  3-D through our digital catalogue, with custom color options for each frame. Taking interactivity one step further, OGI Eyewear’s groundbreaking Virtual Try-On technology allows your clients to see a set of frames on their face in real-time, from your office or at home on their Apple device. We’re also set to launch an Apple App for an even more seamless virtual experience, with the highest level of privacy protection in mind.


Real-time, anywhere. Virtual Try-On means less stress for employees, less in-house inventory, and fewer returns. Virtual Try-On is also ideal for addressing Covid-19 concerns and offering patients with preconditions a safe way to select their frames. Smart solutions at your fingertips, designed to streamline the retail end of your business and keep you and your clients connected every step of the way.


At OGI Eyewear, our Minnesota values also mean a commitment to customer service. New tools prompt new questions sometimes, and we’ve got you covered both online and over the phone. Shared success is our purpose, and we’re here to serve. If you’re doing great, we’re doing great. That’s why we’ve introduced the Dealer Partner Program, a series of increasing discounts and benefits to strengthen our partnerships long-term.


2020 was a tough year for America, but change means the opportunity to evolve. We strive to be a valued resource for fellow independents in the optical industry, building back stronger in a fast-changing marketplace. You want to run a great business. We want to take it to the next level in 2021 and make it a year to remember.


The best truly is yet to come. Let’s invest in the future together.


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