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OGI Eyewear’s Indie4Indie series explores the indie eyecare community’s rich, colorful and varied partnerships. Whether it was love at first sight or on second glance, every partnership formed has a unique story worth telling.

Indie4Indie Spotlight: Associated Eye Care 

Today, we’re spotlighting Associated Eye Care. For over 50 years, Associated Eye Care—AEC to its friends—has provided eyecare to communities across the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin. With board-certified physicians specializing in all areas of eyecare, a commitment to “Vision for a lifetime” and a long history of giving back through their iCARE giving program, AEC exemplifies the very best of the indie eyecare industry. 


Associated Eye Care is also an Icon-level partner of OGI Eyewear, meaning that our relationship comes with a deep level of care—and plenty of benefits. 


The basis of every good relationship is communication. We sat down with AEC Optician Shonda Craig to learn more about the relationship with OGI Eyewear from AEC’s perspective. 


Q: What qualities of OGI Eyewear do you think makes us a good partner?
A: OGI Eyewear brings a deep warmth and strong connection to the partnership. Once, I was on a call placing an order with a wonderful gal at OGI Eyewear, and we got to talking. She asked me if I’d seen the new
Shimmer 19; I giggled and admitted I owned it. She revealed Piece of Pie was her favorite—I told her it was mine too, and that I was wearing it right then! We are always pleased with whoever answers the phone; everyone has been nothing but amazing, friendly and always ready to help.


Q: What about us do you love the most? 

A: The customer service is incredible. OGI Eyewear is attentive, timely, detail-oriented and so caring. Our Rep Trevor O’Brien is a pleasure to work with. We can reach out to him and we’ll have a response in a matter of hours. He always gets us what we need. Once, we were rearranging a display board, snapped a picture and sent off a text: “I spy, with my little eyes… a Ray-Ban sign… that should read OGI.” And within a week we had an amazing custom-made sign! 


Q: What’s your favorite thing about how we look?

A: So good! Between the two collections we carry—OGI and Seraphin—there are a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit every style. We love the fact that a large amount of frames are gender neutral, and we always look forward to the designs and color combinations from each new release. 


Q: How would you describe us in three words? 

A: Unique, fun and caring. 


Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add about partnering with OGI Eyewear?

A: OGI Eyewear is a fantastic company to work with. The quality, coloring and design of the OGI and Seraphin frames make them fun to work with and sell. All I can say is… if you have a chance to work with OGI Eyewear, do it! 


Associated Eye Care, we’re blushing! We ❤️ you too for your outstanding staff, amazing work and generous spirit. We look forward to continuing to work with you for years to come! 

If you’re an independent practice based in Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, North Dakota or South Dakota, and you’re interested in partnering with OGI Eyewear, reach out to our amazing  Account Executive Trevor O'Brien! If you’re outside of those areas, drop us a line at and let’s set a date to chat.

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