Experience augmented reality with virtual try-oN

As a distinct member of The Optical Foundry,  committed to Independence for Independents, OGI Eyewear stands out with its unique and innovative approach to serve the Optical Industry and stylish Individuals with cutting-edge technology, stunning products and exceptional customer engagements to make Independent Practices stand out and succeed.

Times like this require more imagination than ever and we are ready for the challenge! Here is what we have been working on to alter frame styling, selection and buying at every level to save time and make the experience more satisfying and customer journey more efficient.


Virtual try-on (VTO) and 360 degree viewing


OGI eyewear  brings the virtual try-on experience to never before seen levels with the most cutting edge Apple technology, delivering  an astonishing level of realism.  This isn’t a novelty try-on chat feature.  This is the real deal,  utilizing digital imaging for a realistic 360 degree viewing of the frame, rendered  from  the actual CAD drawings, 3 angle high quality images and 3-point quality check testings with the product designers and web developers!  


Customers will be able to see 360-degree views of our products online, on demand 24/7 at their fingertips. The level of realism is astonishing whereby every millimeter of the product you can view up close, like it’s the real thing right there in full view. You can twist it, turn it and inspect it down to every last detail.


We even offer a "Virtual Try-On" feature; which utilizes AR technology and allows someone accessing our site on mobile to see how a set of frames looks on their face before buying them. Note, you can take the virtual 3-D viewing experience further, using Safari as your browser with any iPhone 10 or newer or iPad Pro with Face ID, you can experience the full realm of our Virtual Try-On feature. Learn more about Apple Facial ID advanced technology and how this technology helps protect your information here. Our technology precisely maps and measures your face, which then accurately seats the style right on your face, in scale. The fitting is so precise it’s as if you are trying the real OGI Eyewear glasses!


The future of Optical Industry  is right here and imagine how practical and efficient  this new technology can be for virtual fittings with your customers before they arrive for their appointment! Or just how fast your buying experience can be with your Optical Sales Representative?! When you can virtually try the frames on from the virtual catalog.  This new technology is truly revolutionary for our Industry especially during these times.

Check out our select OGI Eyewear collections with the newest technology today! The catalog is constantly updating with the new styles, - keep in tune!


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