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Virtual Try-On by OGI Eyewear

Our technology has been rigorously developed, tested, and applied to achieve one of the most accurate digital fitting experiences in the Optical Industry. All that’s left for you is to try it on.


Our 3D virtual try-on images are rendered from the original CAD drawings and paired perfectly with Apple face recognition software to perfectly scale the frame to your face.


Welcome to the future, brought to you by OGI Eyewear!

OGI Eyewear lives on the edge and thinks outside the box. We appreciate tradition, but get excited for change. We celebrate what’s timeless while keeping up with the times. That’s why we have enhanced our online presence with the Industry’s leading technology: to revolutionize the eyewear experience during tough times, while maintaining the comfort of what the eyewear experience needs to be.


For all visitors to our site, we have a unique viewing experience for every product in our catalog. Just click a model you like and explore; every detail, every angle, every possible viewpoint can be scrutinized on 3D images rendered from original CAD drawings. It’s as good as standing in the store with the frames in your hands, but you don’t need to go to the store, and you don’t need to touch anything; a boon in turbulent, uncertain times.

If you have the latest
Apple technology, though (iPad Pro with Face ID, or an iPhone 10 or later), you’re in for a taste of the best experience the Optical Industry can offer. Introducing: OGI Eyewear’s “Virtual Try-On” experience.


To summarize the technical details, we use cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) and facial recognition technology to map and measure your face, instantaneously, and reflect back to you an image of exactly – not almost, not approximately, but exactly – how those frames will look on and fit you. It’s part virtual mirror, part Snapchat filter, except with this product, the only reason you know the frames aren’t actually on your face is because you can’t feel them there.


Times are changing, and so, inevitably, must our industry. OGI Eyewear aims to streamline the eyewear experience on both sides -retail and customer – by offering unparalleled convenience to both.


Imagine keeping and generating new business by providing unchallenged customer service combined with state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology. Never mind try before you buy, your customers can try before they even come in. The work done in the store is the fine-tuning and confidence boosting, leaving a customer feeling savvy, sensible, and stylish when they leave.


And as a customer? Imagine getting all the hemming and hawing, liking or not liking done at home so all that’s left is a trip to your optical store to for the product you already know is perfect for you, because you’ve already seen it on your face. A friendly face telling you how great you look? Bonus.


Check our Virtual Try-On for yourself, and experience the future of Eyewear.

Try-on Red Rose styles
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