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This glam glass takes a shape that's uplifting and balanced, and then the carve away provides a certain dissonance and agitation to create a more euphonious design. The hand-laminated mixes that incorporate color blocking on the side for a complimentary twist that adds layers and textures. There is a definite artistic mastery of color between the lamination and colors.


Name Origin: Minnesota

Oh For Cute - more cute than one can stand, a Minnesotan will more than likely raise the volume for this one - "Oh for cute!!! She is so precious!!" Think puppies and kittens.

Oh For Cute

  • Virtual try-on


    • Inspired butterly shape 
    • Custom laminated brow 
    • OBE Injection Safety screws 


    • Premium Italian designed acetate


    • A 52 | B 37 | ED 53 | DBL 16 | TMPL 140 
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