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Beautifully sparkling, bitingly keen, the frosted crystal and ice coloration ebbs and flows with a warm and fuzzy zone that presents a juxtaposition. The color articulates the varying geography and planes, bringing a new dimension to the frames and the wearer's face. Imagine the feelings of anticipation and exploration you feel before jumping into a lake in the middle of winter. These icy opticals embody those feelings of boldness and daring.


Name Origin: Minnesota

Swimsuit Winter - If the temperature from Nov 21 to March 21 goes above 32F you will see Minnesotans out in what many would consider spring or summer attire - shorts and a sweatshirt is my favorite - "Ah it's almost swimsuit weather!" (you can actually find photos of Minnesotans/Canadians outside in bathing suits surrounded by snow...most of the country thinks we are Canadian...)

Swimsuit Winter

  • Virtual try-on


    • Handmade style 
    • OBE Injection Safety screws


    • Custom laminations with Mazzucchelli acetate

    • Swimsuit Winter/ 411 Navy Tortoise style is made of eco-friendly material:  Eco material is a new kind of cellulose acetate using an eco-friendlier plasticizer deriving from natural sources, which can reduce pollution during its whole life cycle. Material is plant based, safe and sustainable. The percentage of components from cotton and wood are increased in the eco materials and the content of phthalate is greatly reduced compared to standard materials.


    • A 52 | B 40 | ED 53 | DBL 16 | TMPL 140
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