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You love the arts; you love that you’re a bit unconventional and your frame needs to match your personality. You have found the companion that lights things up and celebrates you.


Name Origin: Minnesota

Minnesota is well known for its Scandinavian heritage but as early as the 1850’s large Bohemian populations immigrated to the territory as well. The area known today as the Bohemian Flats was once called Little Bohemia - a small shanty town along the Mississippi River near the mills. Several families ventured further from the cities creating communities across the state which are commemorated on a monument in New Ulm, MN. Every winter, the state plays host to the Bohemian Waxwing, a small brownish grey bird with black, white, red, and yellow markings, which visits seeking fruits. The Bohemian Knotweed also calls Minnesota home, with large heart shaped leaves and clusters of white flowers, this hearty plant survives all year through the frigid winters and humid summers.


  • Virtual Try-On


    • Saddle bridge
    • 3 Barrel hinge
    • Rectangle shape
    • OBE Injection Safety Screws


    • Premium acetate


    • A 54 | B 38 | ED 55 | DBL 16 | TMPL 143

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