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Go ahead, you know you want to look a little more fashion forward with a distinctive oversize acetate frame, because you love shopping in Soho and you feel at home walking Broome Street. This statement piece is a perfect look, to be noticed for all the right reasons. You wear that chunky, funky celebrity nerd look well, when you’re styling the Broome Street. This series features SCOJO New York’s premium viewing lenses that are lighter weight, thinner in profile, with BluLite protection and have superior optical clarity, because of the aspheric lens technology.

Broome Street

  • Virtual Try-On


    • German OBE Flex Uno Spring Hinge

    • BluLite aspheric lenses


    • Premium Handmade Acetate


    • A 51 | B 43 | ED 55 | DBL 21 | TMPL 145

    Powers Available

    • Plano
    • +1.00
    • +1.25
    • +1.50
    • +1.75
    • +2.00
    • +2.25
    • +2.50
    • +3.00
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