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As you make the trek to midtown you descend through the Lincoln Tunnel and you know the day will fly by with the hustle and bustle of the city’s energy pulling you in every direction. You want to be stylish, because the big Apple requires this, and your Lincoln Tunnel reader tells your story instant. You want to look good, you want to look current, and you know a thing or two about better things. The vintage inspired good looks of the Lincoln Tunnel with its handmade craftsmanship, European sourced components and blue light filtering lenses assures you of its premium quality.

Lincoln Tunnel

  • Virtual Try-On


    • Vintage Barrel Hinge

    • BluLite aspheric lenses


    • Premium handmade acetate


    • A 50 | B 41 | ED 56 | DBL 18 | TMPL 145

    Powers Available

    • Plano
    • +1.00
    • +1.25
    • +1.50
    • +1.75
    • +2.00
    • +2.25
    • +2.50
    • +3.00
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