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We all want to make a good impression and the Lutefisk is your ticket. The subdued keyhole bridge keeps things on-trend while still letting your personality shine through. Feel the comfort of the hand polished acetate and the superior craftsmanship at every detail.


Name Origin: Minnesota

Lutefisk - A fishy treat made by our Scandanavian/Nordic friends, family and neighbors. It is a whitefish, dried, salted and pickled with Lye, which is then rehydrated, usually with lots of butter, before the meal is served. It is an acquired taste, many of us have been told. 


  • Virtual try-on


    • OBE Injection Safety Screws
    • Discreet keyhole bridge
    • Square shape


    • Premium Acetate


    • A 49 | B 38 | ED 50 | DBL 19 | TMPL 145
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