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Fly butterfly, fly in this beauty with a winged brow line accentuated with a vivid array of color choices. The play of solid milky jeweled tones compliments the fun crunchy tortoise.


Name Origin: Minnesota

Minnesota has an abundance of milkweed, so it’s no wonder the official state butterfly is the monarch, also known as the milkweed butterfly. Sporting bright orange wings with black veins and white spots, this beauty is poisonous to predators due to the milkweed it eats as a larva. Once adults, they enjoy nectar from all sorts of flowers during the warmer months. Once the temperatures drop, as they do in Minnesota, roughly 50 million migrate 3,000 miles south to the Sierra Madre Mountains just west of Mexico City, Mexico. Many Minnesotans also fly south for the winter, so this butterfly is well suited in representing this state!


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    • Saddle bridge
    • OBE Injection Safety Screw
    • Custom material lamination


    • Premium acetate


    • A 51 | B 42 | ED 56 | DBL 18 | TMPL 140

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