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Balance and form make this shape a winner; it looks great on every face. The color assortment of Mazzucchelli Italian sourced acetate makes it hard to decide which to choose. Drop your hook in the water and go fishing for one of our favorites.


Name Origin: Minnesota

Native to 44 lakes and 8 rivers, the Muskellunge is one of the largest and most elusive fish in Minnesota. The largest member of the Pike family, the only predators are humans and Bald Eagles. The name has evolved over time but originates from the Ojibwe words maskinoše or mashkinonge (“big Pike” or “ugly fish”) and maashkinoozhe (“great fish”). In December of 2021, an angler braved the frozen tundra of Lake Mille Lacs to make a new state weight record, pulling a 55lb 14oz Muskie from the icy depths below.


  • Virtual Try-On


    • Saddle bridge
    • 3 Barrel hinge
    • Square shape
    • OBE Injection Safety Screw


    • Premium acetate


    • A 52 | B 38 | ED 53 | DBL 16 | TMPL 142

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