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The frame may be named Twins, but there’s no match to this stunning style. Corals, Browns, Purple, and Blues create updated twists on the classic tortoise pattern color selection, accentuating the unique shape of this geometric blast of fun.


Name Origin: Minnesota

These fraternal twins used to fight quite a bit, as siblings do. The rivalry was so intense at one point that they could not agree on a common calendar for daylight savings time, leaving Minneapolis residents an hour behind St Paul for several weeks. The twins have grown into their own over the years. Minneapolis has a fun, avant-garde reputation while St Paul enjoys a slower, more classic style.  


  • Virtual Try-On


    • Round shape
    • Saddle bridge
    • 3 Barrel hinge
    • OBE Injection Safety Screw


    • Stainless Steel


    • A 46 | B 38 | ED 47 | DBL 22 | TMPL 142

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