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Classically Captivating

OGI Eyewear’s Seraphin collection sweeps you into a world of timeless luxury inspired by old time traditions and contemporary expression.  Like a vintage watch or the craft of artisan accessories, the perfect frame  should buck the tides of trends and look stunning, any time, any place.  It is a neoclassic addition to your wardrobe that is an extension of you at your best.


Evoking both the warm feeling of Golden Age America and  the grand motifs of modern classic Europe, Seraphin adds an unforgettable touch with it’s made in Japan attention to detail. The signature fleur-de-lis  emblem nestled on the temple tip of each frame echoes Seraphin’s story and the spirit of the wearer. 


Each frame in this collection carries the intrigue of a vintage keepsake with the  modern  daring of fine design. There’s a raw sophistication in the style, the sheer effortlessness of Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, the approachable elegance of Brad Pitt the classic suave of Sinatra, the enduring glamour of Grace Kelly – something quintessentially American with a worldly  edge.  


More than a decorative embellishment, Seraphin evokes the sturdy sense of a fine accessory, an unspoken weight reflected in the handcrafted finish and careful reverence to hardware  details. Timeless colors and textures are coupled with rich new tones and materials to create a modern masterpiece, a distinct pairing of old world tradition and today’s boldest trends. From the Clubhouse to the Courthouse to the bustling streets of any city, Seraphin speaks to the polished dresser, the quality conscious, the creative professional with an eye for the authentic. 


Iconic. Regal. Singular. Distinctive.  Seraphin represents the evolution of exquisite craftsmanship, fine-tuning and good taste.  This collection is for those who celebrate the artistry of the past, while looking boldly toward the future.


Seraphin casts a new light on what looks right. The best version of yourself awaits.

Seraphin Eyewear - Classically Captivating
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