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Color Theory Meets Style

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

OGI Eyewear Releases a Fall 2022 Frame Lineup with Inspired Color Combinations and Eye-catching Shapes

Polished, timeless, and fun are all words that come to mind with OGI Eyewear’s Fall 2022 glasses frames, but the company is pushing its autumn collection to new heights.

Minneapolis, MN (September 6th, 2022) – OGI Eyewear, the premium fashion eyewear design company, has announced its 2022 Fall collection, made up of OGI, Seraphin, and Red Rose frames.

With the turn of the season comes a full lineup of new styles and vibrant color combinations—another step forward in OGI’s unparalleled blending of chic sensibilities and fun, subtly evocative designs.

“What sets our collections apart is our willingness to stand out,” says David Duralde, Chief Creative Officer at OGI Eyewear. “We’re not afraid of this, because we want to explore and use materials differently than our competitors, all while expressing an independent point of view with our designs. Uniqueness like this drives excitement, and that’s what keeps our customers coming back, even when we push tradition.”

The Fall 2022 OGI collection embraces pops of bright and jewel-tone colors that work together to create a new, expressive vision for the optical industry. “We’ve seen wide use of color in the fashion industry this year, whether it’s with clothing or accessories,” says Duralde. “We piggybacked off this trend and took it one step further by exploring the countless color options that are available when you allow boldness—and color theory—to lead you toward adventurous new pallets.”

This Fall’s OGI collection has created a true color story, encouraging those who don’t usually wear new hues to feel good dabbling in it. With the OGI line, the priority was—as always—to deliver frames that are daring and intelligent with a friendly dose of Midwestern approachability.

In contrast, the Seraphin collection continues to build upon its established sophistication while also injecting its vintage style with modern flair. By embracing functionality over decorativeness, this season’s five new frame varieties use rich yet refined color palettes dominated by horn and tortoise patterns and textures.

Duralde recognizes that a sense of timelessness is key to upholding the Seraphin brand. “The shapes, designs, and materials we use create a bespoke air that make it very clear: these frames are for anyone who wants to embrace the elegance of old Hollywood while also showing their taste for what it means to modernize the concept of ‘vintage,’” he says. “Seraphin frames honor the past while simultaneously showing what’s possible for the future of eyewear. And the best part? We can deliver this high level of elegance at a good value considering the level of detailing, originality, and finish.”

Further Seraphin inspiration came from turn-of-the-century industrial revolution metal working. Stamping and coined-edge treatments add texture and dimension, making these frames a go-to choice for those who want to express their individuality with forward-thinking designs that still pay homage to styles of the past.

Finally, the Red Rose collection caps off this season’s update with on-trend styling that embraces subtle profiles and maximum visual impact.

“These frames are almost architectural in form,” Duralde says. “Their intersecting and parallel lines create a subtle profile with maximum visual impact. With their oversized shapes, on-trend styling, and transparent materials, they highlight a type of lightweight sensibility and modern direction that’s as much at home in the heartland as it is in the world’s biggest fashion capitals.”

If you look closely, you might just see these frames in movies, on TV, and on the faces of major celebrities and influencers this year—and Duralde isn’t arguing with it. “We’re thrilled that our Red Rose design language has captured the attention of so many,” he says. “This brand has become a win-win for everyone!”

About OGI Eyewear

Founded in Minnesota in 1997, OGI Eyewear continuously pushes the boundaries of what it means to create innovative optical products while also supporting the needs of independent eye-care professionals around the country. With its wide range of fresh yet accessible styles, the company offers six unique eyewear brands: OGI, Seraphin, Seraphin Shimmer, Red Rose, OGI Kids and SCOJO New York.



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