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Fall in love with OGI Eyewear!

Minneapolis, MN (February 12, 2024) – Babe, you had me at Hey Guys. If you’re looking for love, OGI Eyewear is here to have you looking lovely with a bouquet of romantic styles.  

The latest OGI release is full of soft shapes and dreamy colors. Our choice for a Valentine date is Loon. The elegant metal shape and Peony pink brow one is a match made in heaven. Stand out in a crowd, and leave a lasting impression, with Loon.  

Looking for a more contemporary take on romance? Look no further than Red Rose by OGI. Brindisi in Plum brings a romantic cat eye together with geometric angles for a style that is anything but expected. Lodi is another beautiful spin on the cat eye shape, with subtle shifting colors for the restrained romantic. 

Maybe your love language is more refined and classic. Seraphin’s deep round tortoise Cheshire is as classic as red roses, and you can’t miss with this elegant look. For a more dramatic style, Clover’s harlequin shape and lush acetate colors are sure to steal hearts and turn heads. 

Love will bring a sparkle to your eye, and you’ll love the crystal accents on Shimmer 36, a sleek and sophisticated frame with brilliant textural accents that will light you up like a text from that special someone.  

If you’re looking for a love to move with, look no further than the Active X Optical and Active Suns styles. Wherever you’re going, Article One is coming along with sophisticated styles designed to transcend sport.  

Why wait for a prescription to fall in love with OGI? Our ready-to-wear SCOJO New York luxury readers are the perfect date for a romantic read or virtual date with a new love interest. Just like with partners, our Blulite and reading eyewear comes in all shapes and sizes.  

Fall in love with the full OGI Eyewear line using our virtual styling room, so you will be sure you’ve found your perfect pairing. Step into our virtual styling room to find your true eyewear love with our one of a kind virtual try-on app. When you’re ready to play Cupid for your patients, our talented Account Executives will help you select the perfect assortment to play matchmaker with.  




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