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OGI Eyewear announces Spring 2022 collection

MINNEAPOLIS, December 13. 2021—OGI Eyewear, the Minnesota-based indie eyewear company, today unveiled its new Spring 2022 collection.

The Spring 2022 collection represents the unique handiwork of veteran eyewear designer David Duralde, who took the helm as OGI Eyewear's Chief Creative Officer in January 2020. Alongside Marketing Director Katja Beier, who joined the company in February 2020, Duralde has toiled to bring new life to and honor the origins of OGI Eyewear's brands. The Spring 2022 collection marks a full year of transformation under Duralde's hand, and the results are immediately apparent in the Spring 2022 product assortment.

The flagship collection OGI is a love letter to OGI Eyewear's origins. With product names that give playful nods to Minnesotan vernacular, designs featuring geometric shapes and bright hues, and hardware details that exemplify quality craftsmanship, the OGI Spring 2022 collection is a head-turning tribute to the North Star State.

"What sets the OGI collection apart is its disciplined, academic approach to color," said Duralde. "A very delicate balancing act is needed to avoid falling to chaos with so many colors. I really wanted to push the brightness and boldness of the OGI line even further this season without sacrificing wearability. That's why our designs were created with great deliberation— I wanted to marry fine art theory and architectural concepts with these vivid colors and classic tortoiseshell patterns to keep things cohesive, sophisticated, playful and most importantly, inventive."

The Spring 2022 release also includes new collections for Red Rose, Seraphin and Seraphin Shimmer. The Red Rose ensemble highlights a modern take on the concept of minimalism, with products that stay lightweight but provide visual impact through precision cut metals and layered designs. Seraphin's repertoire casts eyewear as accessory through the interplay of luxury materials, fine craftsmanship and sculptural looks. Seraphin Shimmer brings in pops of color to its existing roster in the form of jewel toned color ways and also features a capsule release of limited-edition sunglasses—a first for the brand.

The OGI Eyewear Spring 2022 reveal comes startlingly early for the eyewear industry, which typically sees announcements in January. "As members of The Optical Foundry, part of our mission is to support eyecare providers," noted Beier. "The independent eyecare community is still challenged by supply chain issues, working to navigate a global situation that is changing all the time. By announcing our new collections early, we hope to help alleviate some of the stress eyecare providers are facing."

Duralde agrees. "It's important for us to support the optical professionals as much as the individuals who will be wearing our glasses." It's this philosophy of thoughtfulness that drives Duralde's design process. "Good design creates a relationship not only between the person experiencing it and the design itself, but between the person and the world, too. My goal is to create beautiful work so that those who see, wear and feel that beauty, can reflect and radiate some of it back outwards. It's not quite world peace," he laughs. "But maybe it's a small piece of it in a big world. And to me, that's a good place to start."

The full range of OGI Eyewear's Spring 2022 collection can be seen online at


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