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OGI Eyewear reveals new Fall 2021 collections

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

MINNEAPOLIS, September 22, 2021— OGI Eyewear today announced the launch of new Fall 2021 collections for four of its brands: eponymous flagship brand OGI, Seraphin, Seraphin Shimmer and Red Rose.

Each collection showcases a different facet of this year’s fall eyewear trends. In a nod to this season’s colorful fashions, the new OGI collection embraces bold, vibrant combinations of color and shape. Solid and transparent hues of red, pink, blue, green and yellow give a punchy vibe to a collection teeming with artistic personality. Oversize round and square shapes evoke the audacity of haute couture scaled down for wearability.

The Seraphin collection, on the other hand, embodies a more neoclassical appeal. Timeless silhouettes echo Old Hollywood glamor, and the collection’s custom colors recall vintage tones updated for today’s palette. Seraphin Shimmer takes the glamor even further with details like hand-set Austrian crystals, triple-laminated acetates and brushed-metal hardware.

Red Rose offers a more minimalistic and innovative take on eyewear. The collection features daring shapes and thin profiles, marrying a lightweight and airy feel with striking, eye-catching design. With its playful take on light and color, combining crystalline shades of gray, rose and navy with metals, this latest Red Rose collection is a heartfelt ode to modern expression.

These latest releases mark another milestone in the ongoing evolution of OGI Eyewear. Well before the advent of COVID-19, OGI Eyewear CEO Rob Rich envisioned an “OGI 2.0” that would merge the company’s historied roots with revitalized brands and product designs. Rich assembled a world-class creative team, including Katja Beier, Director of Marketing, and David Duralde, Chief Creative Officer, to lead the transformation.

A longtime veteran of the eyewear industry, Duralde took on the mantle of CCO in January 2020. The Fall 2021 collections represent his latest handiwork.

Said Duralde, “Our collections take inspiration from the world around us—we always have our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in fashion, in pop culture, in the news, and the goal with all our OGI brands is to create products that light up our customers’ faces. After the last year, it was more important than ever for us to go big and bold, to bring something fresh and new and invigorating into the world. I’m incredibly proud of our newest products, and I hope that our customers will enjoy our high-quality, brilliantly designed luxury eyewear.” The new releases are available online for Virtual Try-On and for purchase at, or at any of OGI’s authorized retailers.


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