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Updated: Dec 14, 2020

In this challenging time, it has never been more important that we are unified as a people and voice our opinions by exercising our right to vote.  This is not a statement about voting any one candidate, but this is a statement about just voting.  It is a precious right that so many have died for and

so, so many of us take for granted.

It is your duty as citizens to be active participants in this process.  Do not sit back and be a spectator of this current car crash of a political landscape that we are all currently witnessing!!

The only way that we all can work together for change is to work together, regardless of what your political beliefs.  There is not one right and one wrong.  There must be mutual respect, working together and ultimately fairness for everyone.

That only happens if you participate in the our democratic process.  Voice your choice.

That is why, we are closing our offices on November 3rd, Election Day, and encouraging everyone in our company and community to exercise their right to vote. Work will not be your excuse for apathy at this time where apathy will be the ultimate demise of an equal and fair democracy.



Rob Rich,

CEO, OGI Eyewear


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