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Seraphin Shimmer
Fresh Fashion Icon

Seraphin Shimmer embodies the spirit of groundbreaking American fashion, the desire to personalize, to turn heads, to feel confidence and freedom in a look that both flatters and defines. Frames done right should power and illuminate personalities and the aesthetics of this collection cover a range of dazzling on-trend designs that do just that. From the bold geometry of the butterfly shapes to a dynamic cat-eye that evokes glamour, every piece is defined by artful expression and the sparkling accents only these fine Austrian crystals can provide. Think fashion shapes with an assertion of glittering light.

Modern Fluidity

With quintessential artistry, minimalist roots and architectural innovation Red Rose is a line of trend-setting standards. Attention to thin metals, fine lines and striking contours manifest the vision behind Red Rose. With an air-like quality and notes of luxurious industrious design, the meticulous details are unmistakable. The pure minimalism that narrates the story of Red Rose transcends inspiration and elevates this collection to a new caliber.

Bold and Brave 

We’re OGI Eyewear, one of the first and most experienced indie eyewear labels, and we’re here to give you a jump.  Born on the frozen prairies of Minnesota, we know a thing or two about small town values and the challenges of running an independent practice. You want affordability, convenience, and unique eyewear that’s both catchy and tough as boots.

We’re a design house first, an innovator with a proven record of making a splash and setting trends, of working with top-notch manufacturers and suppliers to whip up new eyewear from scratch and staying ahead of the curve.

Our releases are frequent, distinct, and tell a consistent story without repeating the same stuff over and over. Think durable, handcrafted frames designed to appeal to all sorts of people and lifestyles so that your clients can connect with the perfect piece instead of feeling boxed in to a cookie-cutter look.

We’re the leader of the pack. A fellow independent with a vision, an eyewear fashion house that gets you a steady flow of unique frames and helps streamline the retail side of your business with digital solutions that keep you and your clients connected and makes selection and ordering a breeze.

The sky’s the limit with OGI Eyewear. Hop on board, and let’s shoot for the stars together.

Classically Captivating 

OGI Eyewear’s Seraphin collection sweeps you into a world of timeless luxury inspired by old time traditions and contemporary expression.  Like a vintage watch or the craft of artisan accessories, the perfect frame  should buck the tides of trends and look stunning, any time, anyplace.  It is a neoclassic addition to your wardrobe that is an extension of you at your best.


Evoking both the warm feeling of Golden Age America and  the grand motifs of modern classic Europe, Seraphin adds an unforgettable touch with it’s made in Japan attention to detail. The signature fleur-de-lis  emblem nestled on the temple tip of each frame echoes Seraphin’s story and the spirit of the wearer. 


Each frame in this collection carries the intrigue of a vintage keepsake with the  modern  daring of fine design. There’s a raw sophistication in the style, the sheer effortlessness of Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, the approachable elegance of Brad Pitt the classic suave of Sinatra, the enduring glamour of Grace Kelly – something quintessentially American with a worldly  edge.  


More than a decorative embellishment, Seraphin evokes the sturdy sense of a fine accessory, an unspoken weight reflected in the handcrafted finish and careful reverence to hardware  details. Timeless colors and textures are coupled with rich new tones and materials to create a modern masterpiece, a distinct pairing of old world tradition and today’s boldest trends. From the Clubhouse to the Courthouse to the bustling streets of any city, Seraphin speaks to the polished dresser, the quality conscious, the creative professional with an eye for the authentic. 


Iconic. Regal. Singular. Distinctive.  Seraphin represents the evolution of exquisite craftsmanship, fine-tuning and good taste.  This collection is for those who celebrate the artistry of the past, while looking boldly toward the future.


Seraphin casts a new light on what looks right. The best version of yourself awaits. 

Enthusiasts of Tomorrow

Playtime is far from over with the latest styles from Ogi Kids. From expressive color ways to all the functionality a kid could ever need, Ogi Kids is all about style without borders. Let their personalities shine through the lenses of their favorite frames. Ogi Kids provides an effortless guide, splitting up age ranges to hone in on key fashion trends and needs per group. Whatever the style, whatever the shape, it’s all up to them as the leaders of tomorrow make their mark on today!

Confident and Contemporary

SCOJO New York’s collection of luxury eyewear is inspired by the confident and contemporary style of New York City— the perfect inspiration, as the big city is a melting pot of ideas and cultures that celebrate vibrancy and expression. Much like living in the big city, we can sometimes feel lost in the crowd. SCOJO’s mission is to preserve your individuality. Drawing inspiration from all corners of life, we take notes from these New York neighborhoods that are so lively and true in their spirited, rugged individualism. Our purpose: create eyewear that gives each individual the chance to express themselves, and celebrate their resilience. Our promise: maximize individuality at an accessible price point.

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